Crown & Bridge // General Dentistry

crown and bridge dentist


For teeth that have lost their integrity due to either large cavities or other trauma related issues (cracked or broken teeth), full coverage with a crown (cap) could be indicated. When a filling or cavity is more than one-third the size of the biting surface or in teeth that have been treated with a root canal, the crown is the preferred method of restoration. In most cases, prior to preparing the tooth for a crown, a type of filling known as a build-up is used. A build-up serves as the foundation on which to build the crown. Crowns can be full gold, porcelain fused to white gold, or full porcelain. Each option will be carefully reviewed to suit the patient’s need for both function and beauty. On teeth that are badly broken down, a root canal, crown lengthening, or an extraction might also be indicated.

Bridge (Fixed Partial Denture, FPD):

A bridge is a method of replacing missing teeth. The teeth are prepared for a crown on either side of the space left by the missing tooth. The crowns are connected by the replacement tooth (pontic). The final product is glued into place.

(See “Denture and Partials” and “Implants” for other methods of tooth replacement)