Dental Implants // Oral Surgery

dental implants jasper

Implants are the newest method for replacing teeth, but have still been around for decades. An implant is a titanium post that is placed in the bone where a tooth is missing. The bone integrates with the implant body so it can act as the root of a tooth. After some time (usually 6 weeks), a replacement tooth or attachment for a denture can be placed on the implant. The long term success of implants is higher than bridges when considering tooth replacement.

For an implant to be successful, the implant site must have adequate bone width and depth. Study models are taken (molds) and each case will be evaluated. For more advanced cases, consultation with a periodontist or oral surgeon might be indicated. For example, should the amount of bone level be inadequate, an implant could still be possible, but might require a bone graft. This procedure is usually performed with a periodontist or oral surgeon.