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The first thing everyone should know about tooth whitening or bleaching is that it is almost all the same. If you are interested in bleaching, I recommend first trying the less expensive, over-the-counter brands; however, if you do not enjoy the “slimy band-aid” feeling of the over-the-counter methods, we do offer custom fit bleaching trays.

Tips for bleaching:

  • - Some people encounter sensitivity from bleaching; this is only temporary. Bleaching less frequently or for less time each session can reduce the sensitivity from bleaching. It might take a couple of weeks longer to reach the desired effect, but it will be a more pleasant journey.

  • - Bleach the top first. If you bleach all your teeth at once, you will not be able to see a noticeable difference and might be discouraged.

  • - Some people bleach their teeth a little too much and the enamel starts to be a little translucent. Stop bleaching for a while and your teeth will start to return to normal.

  • - Finally, all bleaching should be done before any cosmetic dentistry is done. This included porcelain crowns and tooth colored filing on the front teeth. Porcelain crowns, and to a lesser extent, resins, do not bleach.