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Clear Correct Braces:

Braces are not only for kids; many times, adults need or desire straighter teeth or teeth in better positions to help perform other dental restorations (such as veneers). More advanced cases, where the malalignment of the teeth is more pronounced, should be coordinated with the orthodontist and the general dentist. However, many times, for minor to moderate corrections of the teeth, clear aligner therapy might be right for you.

Clear aligner therapy (more commonly known as invisible braces or clear braces) is offered by two major companies, Invisalign and Clear Correct. We offer ClearCorrect as an alternative to traditional metal and wire braces. Clear aligners can be easily removed prior to meals and they do not trap food the way traditional braces can. They fit snugly around the teeth similar to bleaching trays. They are a series of trays, and each successive tray moves the teeth into a slighlty different position until the teeth are straightened. They must be worn almost 24 hours a day to be effective. For this reason, adults who are serious about wearing their trays consistently get the best results. Adolescents tend to not wear their trays consistently, and for that reason (along with the fact their teeth are still erupting and the growth of the jaws is still occuring), treatment with an orthodontist is more appropriate.

For more information, you can visit ClearCorrect or schedule an exam appointment with us to see if clear aligner therapy is a good option for you.