4 Ways to Improve Your Tooth-Brushing Technique

Do you want to improve your tooth brushing technique? Brushing your teeth well is something that you can do to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and shiny and beautiful. If you’re not sure whether your tooth brushing technique makes the grade, now is the time to take steps to improve your daily brushing routine. Working with your dentist in Brookeland, TX can help you take steps to brush your teeth properly.

1. Brush for Two Minutes

Most dental experts recommend that you brush for two minutes every time you brush your teeth. Brushing for two minutes is just enough time to get your teeth clean. Brushing for longer than two minutes could do damage to your teeth and gums, and may even cause gum recession, if you do it every time you brush.

2. Use an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are shown to be more effective against plaque and tartar than standard manual toothbrushes. There are lots of different types of toothbrushes on the market, and they’re available at a range of prices. Shop around to find the toothbrush that has the right features for you, and is available for the right price.

3. Get a Tooth Brushing Tutorial

Next time you go to your dentist, ask them to show you how to brush your teeth. The dentist can show you the proper method for brushing your teeth by giving you a demonstration. While you’re there, ask your dentist to show you the proper way to floss, too.

4. Ask the Dentist Where Your Brushing Is Falling Short

When you’re at the dentist for a checkup, your dentist will also be able to tell you whether you’re missing parts of your teeth when you brush. The dentist will be able to see this in the areas that have more plaque buildup than others. Ask your dentist where you should make a special point of focusing your tooth brushing efforts.

The next time you go in for a dental exam in Brookeland, TX, ask your dentist where the plaque and tartar is building up on your teeth. Your dentist can tell you what are the most problematic areas in your mouth, and where you should take steps to focus your attention when you’re brushing. For more information, call Rayburn General Dentistry.

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