All You Need to Know About Using a Papoose During Pediatric Visits

When getting a cavity filled, it’s important to stay as still as possible, especially during the removal of the decayed tooth material. Many young kids may find it difficult to avoid squirming around in the seat, however, resulting in the need for extra support. Fortunately, a papoose can help, giving kids the feeling of being gently swaddled throughout the treatment process. Your Brookeland pediatric dentist will let you know if this option would work great for your child. Here’s what you need to know if that’s the case.

What are Papoose Boards?

A Papoose Board is a specialized tool that helps kids stay still during dental exams. This device features a comfortable yet semi-rigid back panel along with Velcro straps that go across the front of their body.

As the straps fold over their body, they create the sensation of a bear hug, helping kids feel safe and secure throughout the dental treatment. Although these boards are most often used for pediatric dental patients under age two, they are available for older kids and even adults as well.

Benefits of Using a Papoose

Through their years of working with pediatric patients, dentists can quickly tell which kids will benefit most from using a papoose. Oftentimes, it’s kids under two years of age that need the extra support since they simply don’t understand what’s happening during cleanings and restorations. Any kids who are fearful, anxious, or just prone to making sudden movements can benefit from getting into a Papoose for their treatment.

No matter their age, your child gets many benefits from the use of a Papoose Board, such as:

  • Feel much calmer and more comfortable during the procedure
  • Get the proper dental care that helps improve their oral health
  • Helps ensure their complete safety and wellbeing at each visit

If your dentist suggests using a Papoose Board, expect to step out of the room for the duration of the treatment. This often helps kids relax and focus on following the dentist’s instructions, so they can get the needed work done.

In order to help protect your child’s dental health, be sure to start scheduling their routine exams and cleanings at one year of age. You can make an appointment at our Brookeland dental clinic with a quick call to 409-698-8800. We look forward to helping your child have excellent dental care experiences and enjoy a lifetime of fantastic oral health.


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