Is It Safe to Have Mercury Fillings Removed?

Mercury has been used in dental fillings for over 150 years as a component of amalgam fillings. Currently, it’s estimated that over 100 million Americans have mercury fillings. Unfortunately, since mercury was approved as an ingredient in amalgam fillings, it has come to light that mercury is a potent toxin. Mercury fillings release mercury vapor inside the mouth, which infiltrates the blood and brain. It’s estimated that between two and twenty micrograms of mercury seeps out of fillings as you go about your daily business; talking, eating, and drinking. If you happen to chew gum, even more mercury is being released into your system. The question is, should you have mercury fillings removed? Or is it better to leave them in place? What is the safest choice?

Should You Have Mercury Fillings Removed?

Whether or not you should have mercury fillings removed depends upon your dentist’s recommendations and your individual circumstances. The smartest thing you can do is to schedule an appointment with your Brookeland, TX dentist for the purpose of discussing whether or not to have your mercury fillings removed. Chances are, if you have just one or two mercury fillings, the choice to remove them may be easy. But if your entire mouth is filled with old mercury fillings, it may be harder to weigh the pros and cons.

Reasons to Keep Mercury Fillings

There are hugely positive reasons to consider keeping your mercury fillings, despite the health dangers. When mercury fillings are “disturbed,” they release vapors that are largely made up of mercury. These vapors get inhaled into the respiratory system, which can cause extensive risks to your overall health. Mercury vapors are so dangerous that even your dentist would theoretically exposed to them. Essentially, it is not safe to have mercury fillings removed. Yet, there may be better reasons to get rid of them.

Reasons to Have Mercury Fillings Removed

There are many good reasons to have mercury fillings removed and replaced. For starters, if your mercury fillings are damaged in any way, odds are high that they are releasing a lot of mercury vapors. If your mercury fillings are old, this is another sign that they are probably causing more damage than you think.

Talk to your dentist in Brookeland, TX today about how best to handle your mercury fillings. Your dentist is the best source of information and advice when it comes to your dental health.