The Anatomy of Your Teeth  

When was the last time you thought about the anatomy of your teeth? Probably never unless you are a dentist in Brookeland TX! However, the anatomy of your teeth is quite remarkable. Here are some interesting facts when it comes to your teeth and the parts of a tooth.

The Anatomy of Your Teeth

There are four different types of teeth in your mouth (more about that in a moment) and almost every adult has approximately 32 teeth in their mouth. Starting from front to back, you have eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars, and 12 molars, four of which are wisdom teeth. Most of an adult’s teeth will have erupted by the age of 13 except for their wisdom teeth.

The Four Different Types of Teeth

Here are the four different types of teeth in your mouth.

  1. Incisors – Your incisors are the teeth that are located at the front of your mouth. The tips of your incisors are flat and are designed to help you cut through food.
  2. Canines – Your canines are the pointed teeth near the front of your mouth. Two are located on your upper set of teeth and the other two are located on your lower set of teeth. The canine teeth are designed to help tear and hold food.
  3. Premolars – Your premolars are located near the back of your mouth, and they have two bumps on them, almost like having two teeth attached to each other. The premolars are designed to tear and crush food.
  4. Molars – Your molars are located at the very back of your mouth and have multiple bumps at their tips. The molars are designed to grind and chew food.

The Different Parts of a Tooth

There are three different parts of a tooth, and each tooth also has additional small pieces that make up the tooth as a whole.

  1. Crown – The crown is the part of your tooth that sticks out of your gums. A root canal and crown in Brookeland, TX are common dental procedures.
  2. Neck – The neck is the part that is in between the crown and the root.
  3. Root – The root is the bottom part of your tooth, and it holds your teeth in while connecting your teeth to their sockets.

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