Understanding the Preventative Dental Care Needs of Adults and Children

Adults and children alike can benefit from attending regular dental checkups for teeth cleanings and preventative care from their dentist. The dental cleaning and care process helps remove plaque that can cause harm to the teeth and gums. During the cleaning, your dentist can identify cavities and other problems that may need attention to prevent complications, including tooth loss. Your dentist will also teach you how to best care for your teeth and gums at home to achieve the healthiest smile possible. You can get started in working toward healthier teeth and gums by learning about the preventative dental care needs of adults and children.

At Home Dental Care

Great dental care starts at home with toothbrushing and flossing sessions two to three times a day. Your dentist will teach you about the right tools and techniques to use to remove food debris and biofilm from the teeth. With the daily removal of all residue at and below the gumline, you can keep your teeth and gums in healthy shape for years to come.

Professional Dental Care and Teeth Cleaning Services

To achieve your goal of enjoying great dental health, you will also need to go see your dentist approximately twice a year to have your teeth cleaned. The type and level of preventative dental care you may receive depends on your specific care needs and expectations. Your dentist will asses your dental health during the examination and cleaning, and then discuss all other necessary care options with you.

Finding the Right Level of Dental Care for You

With your dentist’s help, you can find the best level of dental care for your needs. With routine tooth cleanings and examinations, your dentist will help ensure that your teeth and gums stay in good condition. If you would like to get started in improving your dental health, you can schedule your consultation and routine cleaning appointment by calling our team at 409-698-8800.

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