Why do Dentists Check Tooth Pockets?

When you hear the term “tooth pocket,” you probably have no idea what this means. Actually, it’s an opening that occurs in the space between your gums and teeth. However, the bad news is that no pocket is supposed to be there. Instead, your gums should be close and firmly against your teeth. Should tooth pockets form, this signals trouble inside your mouth. Now that you’re wondering why your dentist in Brookeland, TX checks tooth pockets, here are some common reasons and how the problem gets resolved.

Indication of Gum Disease

When your dentist finds tooth pockets, these are clear indicators that gum disease is present and has gone unchecked for quite awhile. When a pocket forms, this means gum disease has progressed from gingivitis to periodontitis, meaning the base of your teeth and the gum tissue are being affected.

How Tooth Pockets Form

As gum tissue gets infected with bacteria, the gums and tooth enamel begin to break down. The bacteria then goes to work hollowing out a space between your gums and teeth, resulting in the infamous tooth pocket.

Why Pockets are a Problem

When you have a tooth pocket, you’ve got a serious problem that requires dental expertise as soon as possible. Since the root or base of your tooth is no longer protected by gum tissue, an infection can target the root of your tooth. In many cases, this will lead to the tooth being destroyed and either falling out on its own or being extracted by your dentist.

Severe Cases

When you visit your dentist for a regular checkup, they will check for tooth pockets that could look like trouble. Actually, most everyone has tooth pockets, but they are generally very small and rarely develop into major problems. But in severe cases, your dentist may need to clean your teeth, scrape away plaque, and remove infected gum tissue. If it’s too bad, periodontal surgery will be needed to work on the base or root of your tooth, which will be followed by treatment with antibiotics while your gums heal.

Needless to say, gum disease needs to be taken seriously from the early stages. To ensure any tooth pockets you may have don’t get out of control, make sure you have regular checkups with your Brookeland, TX dentist.

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